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Organic White and Black Truffle
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100% Natural) 100ml

630 & 635 100ml / 6 bottles per case 18
This is a unique 100% all-natural Truffle-flavored oil. After years of research, Tartufi di Fassia has managed to use the natural memory of cold-pressed organic Italian extra-virgin olive oil so that the scent molecules of quality Italian truffles are retained by means of natural processes. The Truffles used for this purpose come from terrains having an organic certification, mainly from the Piedmont region and the central Apennines. Other oils on the market are flavored using synthetic aromas prepared in the laboratory to obtain artificially the exclusive scent of the Truffle.

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic White and Black Truffle natural flavoring.

Product also available with Porcini Mushrooms
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